Product Support 

All our products contains 2 versions, 1 version adapted to developers with a product in pure, clear and commented code selling with an edition and exploitation license and 1 version adapted to entrepreneurs with an API system that makes the product easily configurable from our management platform.


Full open code with product license

We have created pre-built products developed with easy-to-understand and easy-to-use technologies designed and developed for developers.

Our products are distributed as computer code with documentation and online support.

Product license

Our products are sold with a license allowing you to modify, improve and exploit the entire product without any credit or license to pay.

From the moment you buy the computer code, you become the owner. However, it is forbidden to resell the computer code or to share it for commercial or non-commercial purposes. A purchase must be in the possession of one person and this for an infinite period of time.


No code with Komaker platform

We have developed a platform as an add-on to our products that is accessible to all our customers.

Thanks to it, you can configure your IT products, access optimized and improved documentation in real time and be connected to an online support service.

Komaker platform (beta)

We have imagined and created a management platform for mobile-apps & websites. Synchronized your komaker scripts in the platform, customized and deployed your products in a few clicks. Follow the performance and development of your products thanks to the platform’s analytical data.


Send us your support request and our team will help you as soon as possible.