Many apps imitating Instagram’s successful photo-sharing model have appeared through recent years, Snapchat, Facebook Stories, etc where the basic premise of these applications is somewhat similar but always offer different functionality. And every new feature so added has a purpose.

As per Instagram, it is the perfect business opportunity for brands since every feature has a purpose: Stories are meant to increase engagement, DM improves interaction, IGTV allows in-app purchases, GPS, searching…etc. 

So if you want to join the ride for developing a successful photo-sharing app like Instagram, we’ve gathered the information you need to create a succesful app.

1. Photo-Sharing, E-COMMERCE APp and social network app

From filters, geotags, picture editing, built-in messenger, live broadcasts, smart feed, and recommendations. etc. Instagram has a lot of features that make it a successful app. It has developed into an app attractive to any kind of user, up to business owners.

The use of image sharing allows brands to retain customer interest in products, Hashtags improve outreach as well as a market for monetizing a large amount of traffic involved. Social e-commerce is brand advocacy, that builds trust and makes people believe in the brand.

2. How to make it?

First thing is to figure your Unique Selling Proposition, it is imperative to be able to compete. Secondly, plan out the basic features that an application must-have. For an app like this, posting and sharing pictures and videos is crucial. After this, feel free to add the features that will make your user experience better. 

Finally, it is necessary to set your timeline and budget and most importantly, the set of technologies that you want to use for the development process.

It is esential to identify Instagram offers and decide how to improve upon that.

3. Successful Features

  • Experience and Entertainment

It is essential to make your user experience’s an enjoyable one so they can keep coming back.

  • Utility

As long as it helping the users in some way, they will continue to use it. Without losing sight of the entertainment factor.

  • Usability

Giving it upgrades, and improvements will be a key factor of the success of your app.

Basic Features for your app

  • Photo and Video Upload

The most basic feature, you must allow the users to preview, edit, add filters, tag, and even take pictures. 

  • Registration Process

Be sure that your registration or sign up process is an easy and fast one.

  • Searching

Add a search feature in your application to increase user engagement and the likability of your app.

  • Notifications

A basic tool to invite your users to come back.

  • Furnishing your Profile

Setting your profile must be an enjoyable experience. Invite users to add their information and customize it.

  • Integration with other Platforms

Using different apps to market yours will bring new users and more engagement.

  • Interacting with Stories

Invite users to be active, this can be particularly important for business. Users can create polls, surveys, ask questions, etc. More interaction means better business. 

  • The Feed

What are your users friends doing? It is a major key feature for a photo sharing app.


When you decide to create an application like Instagram, make sure you offer something of value. It will help you find your audience and avoid direct competition. To understand how to create an application like Instagram, you have to consider every little detail. There are millions of mobile applications out there. It’s important to create something unique and engaging.

Everything is important. From icon style to fonts to server-side support. You have to create a product that is more likely to solve the problems users face with Instagram. In this article, you’ve learned how to create an application like Instagram. From phase 1 of market research to final quality assurance, everything has to be planned and structured.

There are different ways to create a mobile application, you can use quite attractive builder platforms but you will quickly be limited in terms of development possibilities. You can also pay IT development agencies or freelance developers to create your application, in this case, the problem will be the cost of these services (about $20,000 to create an application as an instagram). The last solution, which is the most interesting in our opinion, is to build your mobile application from a pre-built base of a mobile application similar to instagram. You will then have a base developed with a powerful computer language that will not set you any limits, will pay you very little (a prebuilt base clone of instagram costs $49) and you can easily upgrade your product according to your state of development.